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“This is a journey into sound…”

but one you will not have encountered before.
Chemical Chains ARE the new wave in Techno-Electronica.
Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, the band aim to create a unique, interactive live experience - connecting directly, and often wildly, with the emotions and energy of their audience.

With very different musical backgrounds, Noki and Carrey have fashioned a creative, experimental synergy together unlike any other.

Brilliant, yet at the same time strangely disturbing, they push the boundaries of conventional music.
Then, as the hysteria they generate appears to be winding down, they somehow and suddenly append an extra chapter of delirium.

The ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of their music are large-scale, in depth and inexplicably beguiling.
The songs a fusion of dark lyrics and infectious, punchy dance beats, guaranteed to get you in the groove.
They voice the anxieties and frustration of a modern, ‘ennui’ generation.

Get ready for the journey; get ready for the ride!